Aelite 5.1 Home Cinema

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The Aelite Series is Acoustic Energy’s affordable high-end loudspeaker range.

Using unique, modern techniques in drive unit technology and cabinet enclosure construction, the Aelite Series is designed to produce the highest quality audio reproduction from any analogue or digital source, whilst easily integrating within today’s lifestyle home environment. Engineered by AE to give exceptional performance with music or film.

But when you combine all the elements of the AElite system, you achieve a remarkable synergy: a Home Cinema speaker system of exceptional resolution, power and elegance. Movies and music come alive in a way that is unforgettable. Most people have never experienced this level of performance in their home.

We put together the floorstanding Aelite 3s, the Centre*, Subwoofer, and the Aelite 1s as rear/surrounds in a package, at an even lower price than if bought separately. *The Onwall can be substituted for the Centre, if preferred.

Originally $5300
Separately $3210

Complete package only $2995


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