Alpha 8P Power Amplifier

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The Alpha 8P power amplifier is a high performance, low cost two channel power amplifier that can be used to enhance the sonic performance of a wide variety of systems. Incorporating the same advanced VMOSFET output stages as our Alpha 8 integrated amplifier, the 8P delivers a continuous power output of over 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms, both channels driven.

The Alpha 8P power amplifier is unquestionably remarkable value for money. High current VMOSFET output stages and a generous toroidal power transformer ensure peak output levels of up to 100 watts into 4 ohms. And with both direct and switchable speaker outputs, a headphones socket and two pairs of gold plated input sockets, the Alpha 8P is also very flexible.

The Alpha 8P’s considerable strengths become particularly apparent when it is used along with an Alpha 7R or 8 integrated amplifier and suitable loudspeakers, in a cost-effective bi-amplified system. We believe this combination exemplifies Arcam’s no-nonsense approach to affordable, great sounding hi-fi. The outboard 8P is used to its full power capacity driving the speakers’ bass/mid range units, whilst the integrated amplifier operates in near-idle mode driving the treble units. You will easily hear the benefits of the extra amplification and reduced intermodulation distortion – giving you music that is more dynamic, tangible and, most important of all, more enjoyable.



Power Amplifier

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 20kHZ +/-.5dB

Power Output RMS/8Ω


Impedance (Line Inputs):


Sensitivity (Line):


Dimensions (W x D x H, mm):


Weight (kg):



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