Alpha 9 Amplifier

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The Alpha 9 integrated amplifier’s high current VMOSFET power amplifiers can deliver a continuous power output of over 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with both channels driven, and peak current of up 20 amps, effortlessly reproducing the full dynamic range of modern recordings. The sound is clean, powerful and beautifully transparent with both digital and analogue sources, including vinyl records (note that the plug-in phono stage, for both MM and low output MC cartridges, is a dealer-fitted optional extra).

It offers remote control of input selection, volume control and muting, coming complete with Arcam’s versatile CR30 “Handi-Remote”.

Construction quality is first rate for an amplifier in this price range. All the key electronic parts are of audiophile standard and are mounted on a single, through-hole-plated computer grade circuit board. All input and output sockets are gold plated.

The high current VMOSFET power amplifiers are directly coupled to remove sound compromising capacitors from the signal path; the output stages use Arcam’s proprietary autobiasing circuitry for consistent results. Ample reserves of power are assured by the use of a massive 400VA toroidal transformer and custom designed, high efficiency main heatsink.

The Alpha 9’s flexibility makes it the ideal control centre for a sophisticated hi-fi system. Six line inputs, including two tape loops, are standard; a seventh (phono) input is an optional extra. Separate listen (source selection) and record controls allow you to listen to one source whilst recording another; alternatively the record output may be used to send line level signals to a second amplifier, to play music in another room in your home or office. Both the listen and volume controls are motorised for easy armchair operation via infra-red remote control. The supplied CR30 handset also operates most Arcam CD players and our Alpha 8 tuner.

Two independently switched pairs of loudspeaker sockets and a headphones socket are included, so you can run two sets of speakers in separate rooms if required. Finally, the bypassable limited range tone and balance controls allow you to fine tune the amplifier settings to suit your listening environment and system requirements.



Integrated Amplifier

Frequency Response:

10Hz – 20kHZ +/-.5dB

Power Output RMS/8Ω


Impedance (Line Inputs):


Sensitivity (Line):


Dimensions (W x D x H, mm):


Weight (kg):



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