DAVE (Digital Audio Video Entertainment)


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The Digital Audio Video Entertainment, or DAVE module, transforms the Alpha 10 or FMJ A22 integrated amplifier into a high performance AV system when partnered with the three channel version of the 10P or P25 power amplifier. The module incorporates a total of 6 x 24 bit digital-to-analogue converters and broadcast quality video switching, and has as much processing power as a personal computer. The system is capable of providing a level of sound quality which will rival anything you might encounter in a modern cinema. The module will decode Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS as well as Dolby Pro Logic soundtracks. The sheer clarity and impact of the system with its recording studio quality sound will satisfy the most critical audience. The extra dimension that truly high quality sound gives to movies, sports and your favorite TV programmes makes watching television a much more rewarding experience than it has ever been. Listening is believing! You can order the DAVE module already fitted to the A22 integrated amplifier. The module is supplied with an Arcam learning remote which can operate all the components of a complete AV system in a simple and convenient fashion.