FMJ AV9 Preamplifier Processor

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Designed and built in the UK, by a dedicated team of Arcam analog, digital, software and broadcast video engineers, the AV9 is a true reference quality product and Arcam’s view of the ultimate home cinema processor. As with all Arcam AV products, the AV9 is also a superlative music component. The Arcam FMJ P7 mega-power amplifier are perfect performance matches.

There was simply nothing better at any price, for ultra high-performance music and movies.

Key features of the FMJ AV9

System Features

  • high quality full analog stereo bypass
  • high quality DVD-A / SACD 8 channel analog input
  • digital effect modes
  • 5 x nameable presets, each stores complete system setup
  • upgradeable modular design
  • universal supply voltage 85V-265V
  • very low noise, semi resonant, audio clock synchronized, switched mode PSU. + Independent fully resonant supply for the HDMI circuits

Control features

  • RS232 control of all commands
  • Software upgradeable via RS232
  • RC5 remote jack input for main zone
  • RC5 remote jack input for Zone 2
  • separate RC5 on, off, mute, un-mute commands
  • selectable RC5 system codes 16 or 19 for each zone.
  • output of all received IR via cable or IR blinker, to control source components
  • 12V current limited 100mA trigger outputs for main and zone 2

Audio inputs and outputs

  • 2-8x analog stereo inputs
  • 8x channel DVD-A / SACD input
  • headphones output for main or zone 2
  • 8x channel main output + 3 sub outputs
  • 7x digital inputs, re-assignable 5x coaxial, 2x optical
  • 1x digital output, coaxial
  • Optional MM,MC phono stage

Video inputs and outputs

  • 5 HDMI 1080P compatible inputs to 1 HDMI output. Will pass all audio and video HDMI standards
  • 1x HDMI video output
  • 5x composite inputs
  • 4x composite outputs (2x monitor, 1x Zone 2 composite output, 1x VCR composite output)
  • 5x S-video inputs (2x S-video output, 1x monitor, 1x S-Video VCR composite output)
  • 3x component inputs, HDTV / progressive scan compatible
  • 1x component output, HDTV / progressive scan compatible


  • Supplied with back-lit CR80 learning remote control with support for up to 7 other components
  • Large, clear 12 character dimmable VFD front panel display
  • Ground lift switch
  • Size – 430mm wide, 360mm deep, 130mm high
  • Weight (net) 9kg



Home Cinema 7.1 Preamplifier

Power Output RMS/8Ω

2V = 0dB

Impedance (Line Inputs):


Dimensions (W x D x H, mm):


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