FMJ P7 Power Amplifier

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The FMJ P7 Power Amplifier is the perfect partner for the AV9, but will also complement the performance of any other high-quality preamp processor. Its sleek enclosure delivers over a kilowatt of raw power from seven channels: all THX Ultra rated at 150 watts. It has been designed to deliver reference standard amplification in high performance audio-video installations. The P7 is a true audiophile powerhouse, and it offered the most advanced performance of any Arcam amplifier made at the time.

A completely modular design, with 7 identical and fully isolated power amplifiers, these may be daisy chained for bi-amping or tri-amping suitable loudspeakers. Each amplifier module has its own bridge rectifiers and 20,000 microfarads of storage capacitance, fed from a total of 14 individual windings on the P7’s two massive 1500VA toroidal power transformers. This arrangement ensures near perfect isolation between the channels for the avoidance of hum loops. It also means that each channel can always deliver its fully rated continuous output power of 150 Watts into 8 ohms or 230 Watts in 4 ohms, irrespective of what the other channels are doing.

The advanced current feedback circuit topology used in the P7 is a further development of that used in Arcam’s award-winning A85 and A32 amplifiers and has ultra low distortion together with exceptional dynamic range and transient response.

As well as being technically superb, great attention has been paid to the aesthetic design of the P7 to ensure it will look stunning in a home installation.

The P7 represents a tour-de-force in amplifier design. Certain to enrich your listening experience, its abundant power and finesse firmly positions Arcam in a small, select group of world-class producers.



Home Cinema 7.1 Power Amplifier

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 20kHZ +/-.2dB

Power Output RMS/8Ω

7 x 150W

Impedance (Line Inputs):


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