Delta Black Box 500 DAC

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The Arcam Delta Black Box 500 is a sophisticated Digital Audio Control Centre or DACC. It accepts inputs from up to seven digital sources and includes two record outputs suitable for digital recorders or remotely sited outboard DACs.

The Delta 500 incorporates an Arcam designed, state of the art, Bitstream digital to analogue converter (DAC). The DAC technology at the heart of the Black Box 500 was designed by Arcam to overcome the sonic limitations of the conventional one bit digital to analogue converters included with most of today’s digital audio components, to provide top quality sound from any digital source.

The 500’s converter uses discrete surface mount components and multiple power supplies to achieve near 20 bit resolution. Special clock recovery techniques, including Arcam’s “Sync Lock” process, minimise sonically degrading digital jitter. And the Black Box 500 is very versatile. It can accommodate digital sources (including CD, DVD, Digital music files, DAT, DAB, DBS, DCC, LD and MD) and allows for three sampling frequencies including 32, 44.1 and 48kHz. It offers no less than seven digital inputs, including two 75 ohm gold-plated BNCs, two gold-plated RCA phonos, one balanced AES-EBU and two fast Toslink optical connectors. The main output volume level is digitally adjustable in 1dB steps visible on the display, and can be used as a preamp to feed directly to a power amp. All of the functions are duplicated on the included remote control handset.

The sound from CD may be further enhanced by partnering the Delta 500 with a Sync Lock equipped Arcam Delta 250 or 170.3 transport. This proprietary Sync Lock technique minimises digital jitter (the distortion causing timing errors present in all digital signals) and won Arcam a coveted Design and Engineering Award at the 1994 International Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago.

For convenience and ease of use the Delta Black Box 500 is supplied with Arcam’s CR25 Handi Remote infra-red remote control handset. This controls input selection and muting, plus audio output level over a 99dB range. It also provides basic remote functions for most Arcam CD players/transports and amplifiers.

Its elegant styling, exquisite treble, fine dynamics, excellent imaging and depth offer an astonishing enhancement to any digitally-based music or home cinema system.



Digital-Analogue Converter

Frequency Response:

10Hz – 20kHZ +/-.2dB

Power Output RMS/8Ω

2.3V = 0dB

Digital Inputs:


Output (Line):

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