DiVA DV79 DVD Player


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A DVD player with audiophile sound

Arcam’s legendary sound quality is delivered from all formats and through all outputs. Whether playing movies or music, the DV79 will not disappoint. The player has its own onboard 5.1 channel decoders for DVD-Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS, as well as Dolby Pro Logic II for 2-channel music and movie discs (first time in a specialist player). It includes an audio delay manager (from 0 to 150ms) to compensate for the video processing delays inherent in modern digital displays. These features are key when feeding external 5.1 inputs in older AV amps, or playing through high-end analogue-only multichannel music systems, such as the Arcam DiVA A90/P90 and FMJ C30/P1.

Better digital video – Better analogue video

The HDMI interface delivers a better picture than its competitors due to the superior Zoran Vaddis 5 decoding engine, 4-layer fibreglass circuit boards and superior power supplies. All this affects the quality of the video signal for both analogue and digital interfaces.


A front panel NAVIGATION button allows direct access to the DV79ʼs setup and disc menu. For complete system and install integration, RS232 control is standard and there are IR control jacks on the back panel.

The DV79 is designed and manufactured by Arcam in the UK.



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