MARC Module (Multi-Area Remote Control)

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MARC stands for Multi-Area Remote Control, and is the name of the module that transforms an Arcam Alpha 10 or FMJ A22 Integrated Amplifier into a five-zone multi-room music system.

The end result is a system that couples outstanding musical performance with a control system that offers both sophisticated functionality and unprecedented ease of use.

Every MARC module comes with a very thorough manual that guides the user step by step.

In the MARC system, the Alpha 10 or A22 provides superior musical performance for the primary zone and “near Alpha 10” performance for the four remaining zones. In fact, the primary constraint on the performance of the remote zones is likely to be the choice of amplification and speakers for each zone.

Operating the MARC system is straightforward and intuitive, making it easy for the entire family to begin immediately enjoying the musical capabilities of the system.

The main system continues to behave just like a stand-alone hi-fi system and can be controlled from the front panel of the Alpha 10 or A22, or through the use of a hand-held remote control.

Control in each individual zone is provided through the use of either a hand-held remote, or wall mounted keypad (or both). Since the MARC system interfaces with a variety of industry-standard keypads and programmable remote controls, the system designer has the freedom to select the perfect combination for the particular installation.



Multiroom control module


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